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Expanding Our 19-inch Rack Integration Facilities

Aaron Cole

Welcome to our Newly Expanded 19-inch Rack Integration Facilities

We have bolstered the opportunity for customers to outsource a highly specialised and risk prone business function, by expanding our 19-inch rack integration facilities.

Utilising our knowledge and experience to alleviate the pressure of this complex and multi-disciplined function from our customers, allows them to add value by focusing on their own core business. Industry-leading facilities combined with expertise in the design, kitting, testing, compliance, and packaging of complex rack projects enable us to deliver highly efficient systems with minimised levels of risk.

Currently, we are trusted to deliver tens to hundreds of thousand pound rack projects to numerous blue-chip companies, with new additional capacity to add more.

Key Benefits:

  • Save valuable man power, space and time
  • Simplify and de-risk your supply chain
  • Dedicated facilities reduce project timescales
  • Scalable capacities accommodate all project sizes
  • Minimise risk with our extensive experience and expertise
  • Ensure compliance and safety

Save valuable man power, space and time

Efficient integration practices and lean flow lines result in reduced cost and lead-times, while freeing your own engineers to focus on tasks that add more value to your business.

Simplify and de-risk your supply chain

Racks comprise complex and diverse BOMs from screws to servers. The consolidation of multiple customer’s BOMs enables a more cost effective and efficient project management.

Dedicated facilities reduce project timescales

Our industry leading dedicated production facilities allow us to achieve a lean, optimised integration process, minimising timescales and delivering projects efficiently.

Scalable capacity accommodates all project sizes

Offload the burden of irregular and complex one-off builds through to large volume on-going requirements.

Minimise risk with our extensive experience and expertise

We produce racks every week, with a great deal of experience and knowledge accumulated over a long period of time, reducing the risks associated with a highly technical subject.

Reduce the cost of compliance and safety

Our specialised in-house expertise and testing equipment is utilised across multiple rack projects, ensuring compliance, safety and cost effectiveness.

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