Using our design and compliance expertise, we were able to develop a computing platform that met the customer’s exact functionality requirements, while still being able to meet the requirements of marine standard DNV 2.1, securing optimal performance balanced with maximum reliability.

Key Account Manager, Captec


An international supplier of mission-critical equipment for the oil and gas industry. The company’s technologies are deployed across the spectrum of energy activities, including offshore, pipeline and petrochemical. The combination of fully functional and certified custom 2U computing platforms is integral to run the customer’s BOP (blow out prevention) software.

  • 2U System
  • Intel Core i
  • Expansion Slots
  • The Challenges:

    • A computing platform customised to meet the exact requirements of the customer’s BOP control and predictive analysis application
    • The customer required the platform to be certified to marine standard DNV 2.4 without comprising functionality
    • Ability to withstand shock and vibration due to deployment in offshore control rooms on oil rigs
    • Powerful computing to run predictive analysis software reliably and optimally for accurate and rapid decision making
    • Flexibility in mounting to deliver both desk and rack orientation as required
    • Optimised expandability to meet functionality requirements

    The Solution

    • Design and development of a custom 2U computing platform engineered for optimal reliability
    • Robust chassis and rigorous testing ensures the platform can withstand heavy shock and vibration in an offshore deployment
    • Captec designed the platform to meet the requirements of DNV 2.4, with rigorous testing to attain EMC suitability, robustness and the ability to operate in fluctuating temperatures
    • Platform supplied with a custom rackmounting kit to meet the customer’s orientation requirements
    • Specification of Intel i7 4770TE processors for optimised power and performance
    • Integration of 4 isolated RS 2343/422/485 ports and an Intel LAN card delivers enhanced I/O to meet the customer’s functionality requirements

    The Outcome

    • The customer benefits from a computing platform engineered and optimised for high reliability
    • Improved accuracy and speed of BOP decision making
    • Enhanced I/O supports increased functionality
    • Optimised longevity secures the continuity of the application for the next three years, protecting the customer from disruption

    Make it Your Own

    Our engineering experts can customise this platform to meet the exact needs of your application. Please share a few details with us and we'll be in touch.