Our computers are built for survivability and reliability in distant, exposed and challenging locations to support the exploration and supply of the world’s energy needs. We specialize in everything from compact industrial computers through to instantly deployable mobile racks, and have supported applications covering seismic exploration, solar and wind power delivery, SCADA, simulation, surveying, production, blow out prevention and oilfield satellite communications. We are also heavily involved in water treatment and supply industries, delivering remote monitoring and high levels of controls to meet the exact computing demands of the sector.

We have designed and delivered computers for deployment in locations as remote as the North Sea, so we know what it takes to equip a platform to operate well Beyond the Yellow Line in the world’s most demanding environments. From engineering and testing for EMC resistance and additional chassis ruggedization to extending operating life and availability, our computers are optimized for reliability in mission critical applications.


  • Subsea surveying and control
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Seismic exploration
  • Blowout prevention
  • Power generation

Our Services

  • Compliance and certification
  • In-house pre-compliance testing
  • Design to order
  • Build to order
  • Rack integration

Case Story

Oil and Gas Applications - Captec

4U industrial rackmount computers – Subsea master control systems

The solution is for a leading global oil services company that provides engineering and construction services, technologies, product solutions and field-life solutions for the oil and gas industry. They have aggregated annual revenues of approximately NOK 50 billion and employ approximately 20,000 people in 26 countries.

Case Story

Pipeline Security Computers - Captec

Fault and theft detection – Fibre optic sensing security platform

Our customer manufactures fiber optic surveillance equipment systems to a number of industries. Covering vast areas, they are able to instantaneously detect and react to subtle changes to an accuracy of one meter. In this way, companies can guard against occurrences such as damage, vandalism, theft, equipment failures or sabotage and respond quickly and efficiently to contravene such incidents.

Case Story

Energy Sector - Captec

Emissions monitoring computers – Multi gas analysis

The solution is for an innovative technology company utilising quantum cascade lasers in a variety of gas sensing applications. A quantum cascade laser is a mid infrared light source that can be used to interrogate the spectral fingerprint of a wide variety of small molecules, enabling quantitative detection of atmospheric constituents such as methane and nitrous oxide, and pollutants including NOx and carbon monoxide.

5 reasons to choose Captec

  1. Flexible and able to act swiftly with any changes to programme scope and application requirements
  2. Customised or bespoke computers across any form factor designed to meet exact application requirements
  3. All computers engineered and tested for maximum reliability and longevity in challenging energy applications
  4. Expertise in engineering and testing computers to meet the stringent requirements of energy applications
  5. Managed supply chain with full documentation for total component traceability

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