The fact that we were able to bring the customer to our headquarters, and show them firsthand that we have the technical expertise and capacity to confront all of their computing challenges, proved a crucial element in securing our involvement with this project.

Account Manager, Captec


The solution is for a leading international supplier of intelligent transportation systems. The customer develops innovative automatic number plate recognition systems for projects involving police forces, local authorities and highway authorities. Its average speed enforcement application supports police and local councils in reducing the number of speeding motorists, identifying offenders and ultimately, making roads safer for the public.

The Challenges:

  • Migration from a 4U platform to a custom 1U solution that meets exact requirements
  • While reducing the depth of the platforms, the same level of functionality must still be incorporated
  • As a result of the decrease in size, the platforms will generate increased amounts of heat which needs to be contained and managed to mitigate the risk of overheating
  • Data cannot be sent electronically owing to Home Office approvals, it must be physically retrieved
  • Platforms must be within the requisite EMC emissions range to pass compliance testing as part of the overall solution

The Solution

  • Captec designed a custom 1U rackmount computer that met the customer’s exact specification
  • Engineering team undertook extensive chassis modifications to integrate the same levels of functionality as in the previous units
  • Thermal management conducted by Captec, involving configuring platforms to receive optimal airflow and achieve reliable operation
  • Integration of four DVD drives into the 1U chassis to record car speed data allows for physical extraction
  • Using in-house EMC testing facilities, Captec certified that the platforms operate within the acceptable emissions range to pass testing

The Outcome

  • Captec provided the customer with a platform ready to use out of the box, including image configuration
  • The customer can supply the end-user with a compact platform, saving space and creating capacity to support more cameras, therefore generating increased revenue
  • Due to Captec’s build quality and processes, the platforms are totally replicable, supporting the customer’s production volume demands
  • Platforms capable of continual, reliable performance with the output of minimal EMC emissions

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