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Turnkey Rack Integration

We deliver turnkey rack platforms optimised for customer-specific requirements. From simple configurations through to fully bespoke platforms, our racks are engineered to offer an optimal balance between performance and total cost of through life ownership.

By collaborating with you during the initial project stages, we gain a complete understanding of your application and requirements. This allows us to realise the specification, design, documentation, validation and manufacture of tried, tested and trusted platforms, while guaranteeing compliance, safety and reliability.

Our in-house engineering and pre-compliance test facilities ensure your rack complies with all relevant regulatory and safety requirements. We also develop custom logistics plans to securely deliver your platform wherever you require it, on time and on budget. To get started, review the options below or contact one of our specialists to discuss your application.

Build to Order - Captec


Every project and application is different, this is why we offer a customisation service for our rack platforms. We use our expertise to make the necessary engineering and specification adjustments that ensure your requirements are fully met.

Design to Order - Captec


For highly bespoke or complex applications, we provide consultation, design and validation to meet even the most demanding requirements. We are well-versed in engineering platforms for critical and specialist applications in any industry.

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We provide a range of simple and effective rack platforms, specifically designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Our baseline racks remove the challenge of self-specifying a complex Bill of Materials (BoM), saving you valuable time and resource. They incorporate a standardised configuration for all essential rack functions , including power, cable management, connectivity and cooling, wrapped in a robust and reliable cabinet.

We understand the challenges inherent in rack applications, and have a proven track record of providing reliable full-height, half-height, mobile, and man-portable platforms for any industry. We have years of experience in developing rack platforms that provide you with a technical advantage over your competition. Browse our readymade platforms below.

Integration-Ready Rack Platform - Captec

Integration-ready Rack Platform

Our range of integration-ready platforms has been designed to provide you with all the reliability, performance and protection you need, while shortening development timescales.

From full-height to man-portable platforms, our racks have the versatility to support a wide range of demanding applications.

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Integration-Ready Full-Height Rack Platform - Captec

Integration-ready Full-height Rack Platform

Our pre-integrated full-height rack is specifically designed to perform a range of applications in demanding environments. Robust enough to house a considerable amount of equipment but compact enough to roll through a standard size door, it mitigates one of the most common and overlooked installation issues.

The platform comes with network, cooling and power distribution preinstalled. The innovation of an active plinth compartment means the preinstalled components do not impact on available U space, with the option for environmental monitoring to be fitted within the same compartment. It also has a full length copper earth bar as standard, cable management trays and an electrical safety conformance certificate.

The rack removes reliance on complex supply chains, multiple deliveries, packages, pallets and personnel required for delivery and assembling. We provide everything you need to get up and running.

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Integration-Ready Half-Height Rack Platform - Captec

Integration-ready Half-height Rack Platform

Our cost-effective and flexible half-height rack has been developed to support smaller deployments and applications where equipment space is limited.

The rack is a cost-effective 24U platform, based on the same fully-welded, robust design of our full-height model. It can roll through any door, and can be simply and effectively deployed.

It comes with network, cooling and power distribution pre-installed. The innovation of an active plinth compartment means the preinstalled components do not impact on available U space, with the option for environmental monitoring to be fitted within the same compartment

Thermostatic fans ensure cooling operates representative to load, reducing power consumption and noise levels.  Rear LED lighting simplifies installation in poorly lit environments, again without impacting on U space.

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Mobile Rack Platform - Captec

Mobile Rack Platform

Performance where you need it. Our mobile rack platform has been designed using all the same principals seen in our full and half-height static platforms, with enhanced features to ensure it truly can go anywhere.

It represents the perfect out-of-the box platform for mobile field applications where performance and deployment speed are essential.

The rack is SWaP optimised, and is preinstalled with sequenced power and Layer 3 network switching. The rugged construction combines a robust, shock protected, lightweight 19-inch case with ultra-durable large diameter castors. It offers protection for commercial, military, NATO and government equipment.

There is no need for additional packaging as the rack meets the transport requirements of Defence Standard 00-35.

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Man-Portable Rack Platform - Captec

Man-portable Rack Platform

Built to be carried anywhere you needed it. Our ruggedised man-portable platform is SWaP optimised, and incorporates networking and PDU, leaving 5U of space for your hardware.

Designed to Defence Standard 00-35 for transport and operation, it features an integrated 19-inch shock mounted frame to protect your equipment in challenging environments.

The rack is suitable for a range of applications including C3 and C4ISR, EW, SATCOM, ISTAR, or anywhere you need to get equipment into the field quickly. It is easily carried by two people, while integral wheels ensure it can be simply manoeuvred over flat surfaces.

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