Specialised designs, built to last

Tablet Platforms

Tablet platforms engineered to meet the exact demands of business and industry applications.

We innovate to ensure tablets outperform and outlast commercially available alternatives. Our platforms are designed for functionality and protection, optimising performance and reducing your total cost of ownership substantially.

All our tablet platforms can be backed by bespoke support packages and associated service level agreements, customised to meet your precise requirements.

To tailor a tablet to your application, please select an option below:

Customise your Tablet

Taking an off-the-shelf platform, our tablet specialists engineer the customisations that ensure all aspects of your application requirements are fully met, balanced and optimised.


Help me choose

If you are unsure of the levels of engineering required to meet your performance needs,  or have a highly complex or demanding application, our tablet experts will collaborate with you to develop a specification that meets your exact requirements at the lowest total cost of ownership.

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Browse Our Readymade Platforms and Accessories

From specialised tablets and rugged laptops through to multi-bay charging stations and in-vehicle docking solutions, our tablets, laptops and associated accessories have been optimised by our tablet specialists for total reliability, longevity and performance.

  • Specialised Tablets

    Specialised tablet platforms suitable for the requirements of business, education, healthcare and light industry. These tablets are engineered for applications where the expense and additional weight of fully rugged tablets is unnecessary, but specialist features including extended battery life, ergonomic design, group charging and additional interfaces are essential.

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  • Rugged Tablets

    Survivable, fully rugged tablet platforms for specialist applications on the move and in challenging conditions. These platforms are designed to perform in adverse weather, withstand shock and vibration, and endure rough handling. This makes them ideal for vehicle or outdoor usage, across all terrains and environments.

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  • Semi-rugged Tablets

    Reliable, semi-rugged general purpose tablet platforms protected against knocks and drops, as well as dust and water ingress. These platforms also provide vibration protection, making them suitable for vehicle or outdoor usage.

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  • Multi-tablet Charging Stations

    These multi-tablet charging stations have been designed to keep large tablet estates fully powered within a compact footprint. They are engineered specifically to simplify and improve the reliability of the charging process with cable-less connection.

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  • In-vehicle Docks

    Our off-the-shelf, customised, and bespoke docking stations form an integral part of our in-vehicle offering. They are suitable for installation into a variety of vehicles, providing a reliable means of charging and expanding connectivity.

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