We have been active in the medical computing industry for over 30 years; with our computers are Tried, Tested and Trusted to keep lifesaving medical equipment running in critical medical environments.

Our 19-inch rack cabinets have been deployed to enhance the accuracy of 3D medical imaging and radiation therapy, while our high performance industrial computers currently support stem cell research, patient treatment planning and hospital security applications.

Critical medical applications like these demand stable computing that perform intended tasks at the first time of asking, every time. Any changes to specifications are highly disruptive, so we equip our computers with long life, roadmapped industrial components – protecting applications from obsolescence and change for timeframes extending into the decades.


  • Oncology systems
  • Patient imaging
  • Computer aided surgery
  • Drug dispensing
  • Patient infotainment

Our Services

  • Design to order
  • Build to order
  • Rack integration
  • Compliance and certification
  • Technology refresh
  • BOM control and obsolescence management

Case Story

Medical Applications - Captec

Rapid delivery of 3D images – Medical applications

The solution is for a pioneering human care company, who are developing significant innovations in the treatment of cancer and brain disorders. The customer aims to improve, prolong and save patient lives. The solution was developed to meet heightening demands for viewing high quality medical images simultaneously and instantly in different locations.

Case Story

Medical Applications - Captec

Rack platforms for medical environments – Radiation therapy

The solution we developed helped our customer to improve, prolong and save patient lives by enabling the development and implementation of a breakthrough in MRI-guided radiation therapy.

3 reasons to choose Captec

  1. Over 30 years’ engineering experience in the design of computer and rack systems that meet the exact requirements of today’s medical applications
  2. The skils and expertise to integrate complex computers platforms to enhance the accuracy, reliability and longevity of medical systems, while complying to stringent medical standards
  3. Obsolescence and change control management to optimise the lifespan of medical applications

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