Design to Order Racks

Bespoke platforms engineered to your exact requirements

Rack Integration

Our rack integration service supports the specification, design, documentation, validation and manufacture of proven platforms, tested and guaranteed for safety and reliability. Our racks are built and tailored to your exact application requirements, and delivered to wherever you need them.

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We collaborate with you as a trusted partner from the project outset to offer technical advice and co-author effective specifications, we create foundations that ensure programmes remain on schedule and on budget.

Our integration capabilities and facilities enable you to scale quickly and substantially when you need it and free you to focus on your core business.


Through our experience, we help customers to achieve their vision using innovative mechanical and electrical design. Our specialists ensure full consideration is given to power conditioning, distribution, management and control to optimise dependability.

We engineer thermal management and effective airflow to extend the operational life of the platform while assessing application needs from the outset to reduce your total cost of ownership. By defining the equipment, protection and through life support you need, we ensure the platforms perform reliably.

3D Sonar Imaging Computers for Marine Applications - Captec


Beginning with theoretical validation for cooling, power and structural requirements, we look beyond the bill of materials to ensure your equipment meets the exact requirements of the project, and also offer technical advice where issues arise.

We evaluate every component in the specification to understand how they will interact. This enables us to make technical considerations and performance calculations to meet requirements including electrical, thermal cooling, safety, EMC and stability. Where the project requires, we also test for emissions and immunity, acoustic impact, airflow, point-to-point wiring and full function systems operation and performance.

Our validation processes identify and mitigate risks at the earliest possible point, assuring confidence that your platform will meet the critical requirements of your application.

Compliance and Certification

Our structures, processes and teams ensure that work is planned, checked and reviewed against project, functional and legislative compliance. We also ensure compliance to order specification, project plan, budget and schedule.

Through the use of third party accredited test houses and the support of our in-house testing facilities, we can design and build to guarantee certification. This ensures you are able to sell, install and operate the equipment where required.

Design To Order Rack Compliance and Certification - Captec
Design to Order Rack Manufacture - Captec


Purchasing a complex bill of materials (BoMs) from multiple vendors and manufacturers is difficult to manage. Integrated rack assemblies often require BoMs with varying levels of sub-assembly with differing lead-times, which need to be timed, sourced and delivered to strict deadlines.

By combining our procurement and materials management expertise with our in-house capabilities, we streamline purchasing without losing the agility required for more demanding programmes. With us, you can procure under a single part number with a fixed cost. This enables you to outsource the time, risk and complexity of managing a highly complex BoM to a specialist partner.


Every customer and project has its own unique needs, and even these need to be able to progress through controlled evolution to keep up with end-user and customer needs.

We consider the individual demands of each project and select the most effective method of build. Our industry-leading facilities, with mature production processes, can flexibly accommodate any project using multiple build cells and lean flow lines. Our scheduling, tracking and expediting experience ensures that no what the demands of your rack are, that it is delivered on time and to budget.

Our highly trained technical staff, have a wealth of experience and know-how in working on specialised or demanding applications for defence, aviation, marine, rail, medical, oil and gas and many others.

Rack Engineering

Through Life Management

The functional needs of a rack do not expire with the warranty of an item. Many programmes require through-life support with essential spares and maintenance.

Your rack needs to perform continually and be future-proofed through managed refreshes and generation of hardware.

We can support operational life of our racks of up to 30 years. We work with you to implement BoMs that are most appropriate for the lifespan or your platform. We carefully consult manufacturer’s roadmaps to identify life critical items and implement change control, obsolescence notification and last time buy options to ensure you are aware of change before it impacts your application.

We offer a full suite of support packages to ensure that your rack is supported throughout its life cycle.

Results by Collaboration

Using an experienced and trusted partner protects you from risk and allows you to concentrate on what you do best. We encourage a collaborative approach, with neither team working in isolation and ensuring objectives, progress and deliverables remain aligned.

Shortened Time to Market

We give you access to a larger pool of experience, know-how and technical resource, enabling projects to be completed effectively with a faster time to market.

Reduced Cost of Ownership

We save you money. We maximise reliability, improve serviceability and optimise performance without increasing system or support prices, lowering your total cost of ownership.

Design a Bespoke Rack Platform

To discuss designing and developing a bespoke rack tailored to the exact needs of your application, please get in touch with our integration team.