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Thruster Control System - Marine-certified Panel PCs

Our ability to supply a reliable, high performance marine computing platform while reducing costs and optimising protection for challenging environments was crucial to successfully delivering this project for our customer.

Joe Phelps, Sales and Marketing Manager – Captec Americas


An international systems engineer and integrator specialising in areas including marine power and propulsion systems, power conversion and offshore technologies, and fault tolerant power generation. The customer is relied upon by the marine industry to deliver complex projects from conception through to successful completion. Reliable, flexible and certified panel computing platforms are essential to optimising the performance of the customer’s thruster control application.

  • Expansion Slots
  • IP66
  • Marine Certified
  • Panel Mount
  • Sunlight Readable
  • Touch Screen
  • Wide Temperature Range
  • The Challenges:

    • 15 and 19-inch panel PCs at a more cost-efficient price point than the customer’s previous supplier
    • Suitability to perform the main interface role of the customer’s thruster control system
    • Certification to marine standards IEC 60945 and DNV 2.4
    • Compatible with night time usage to achieve round-the-clock productivity
    • Ability to operate reliably in extreme temperatures essential to securing optimised reliability in challenging conditions
    • Protection from the environmental demands of marine applications
    • Flexibility to support a variety of marine applications to further drive down costs and increase productivity

    The Solution

    • Commercially available 15 and 19-inch panel PCs with custom engineering to meet exact requirements while retaining cost-effectiveness
    • 280 x 1024 resolution with projective capacitive multi-touch screen delivers high image quality
    • Designed to meet the requirements to attain certification to marine standards IEC 60945 DNV 2.4
    • Capacitive touch keys for quick function access and display control supports day, dusk and night mode switching
    • IP66 rated protection from dust ingress and heavy seas
    • Engineered thermal management achieves a wide operating temperature range of -15-55°C
    • The customer is able to deploy these platforms to perform a range of applications with confidence where certification is required

    The Outcome

    • The customer benefits from a reliable, high performance platform while lowering overall costs
    • The platform’s flexible design and certification enabled the customer to deploy them across a variety of shipborne applications, maximising return on their investment
    • Increased availability in comparison to the previous supplier, safeguarding continuity of the application

    Make it Your Own

    Our engineering experts can customise this platform to meet the exact needs of your application. Please share a few details with us and we'll be in touch.