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Construction Simulation - Fully Custom Computers

Our reputation as a provider of innovative and reliable computing solutions into a number of simulation applications, meant our customer had complete trust in us to deliver a solution that overcame all their technical challenges.

Joe Phelps, Senior Sales and Marketing Manager, Captec Americas


An American corporation specialising in the design and supply of innovative construction and agricultural vehicles. This application focuses on a range of simulators designed to train individuals how to operate the customer’s construction vehicles successfully. Compact, robust and high performance industrial computers play an integral role in supporting the reliability, quality and longevity of the customer’s motion simulators.

  • Dust Filtering
  • Expansion Slots
  • Long Life BOM
  • The Challenges:

    • Meet strict height and depth requirements to allow for integration underneath the seat of the construction simulator operative, without impacting on performance
    • Achieve a high level of robustness to deal with the rigours associated with onsite training, training schools and transit
      environments, including continual human usage
    • On-screen simulator images must be high quality to reflect real-life scenarios with components fixed securely in place to counteract damage in transit
    • Maximise consistency throughout build revisions and ensure platforms arrive ready for application use

    The Solution

    • Innovative custom form factor designed to support high end GPUs, while minimising the footprint allows the unit to fit under the seat of
      the operator and not impede functionality
    • An anodised cold-rolled steel chassis delivers the increased robustness required to endure
      mishandling in transit
    • Specification of high-end GPU and CPUs generate lifelike simulation images
    • A custom-designed clamp holds the GPU securely in place, allowing for reliable operation and providing suitable protection
      against transit-related issues
    • A riser card allows for horizontal integration of the GPU to meet the customer’s dimension requirements
    • Conduction of software imaging, configuration and testing ensures the platforms arrive application-ready, achieving consistency
      throughout build revisions

    The Outcome

    • Component selection, obsolescence management and change control optimises the longevity of the application for 5-7 years
    • The customer remarked on how impressed they were that the platform survived continuous global transportation and rough handling
    • Full ISO documentation and component traceability ensures consistency and quality of supply, providing the customer with peace of mind that there will be no issues relative to installation, service or support
    • The customer benefits from a reliable computing platform to run their simulators at a cost-effective pricepoint

    Make it Your Own

    Our engineering experts can customise this platform to meet the exact needs of your application. Please share a few details with us and we'll be in touch.