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ROV Subsea Control - 2U Custom Computers

Our customer was experiencing shock and vibration challenges due to the extreme demands of the application. Shipping computers worldwide was also a cumbersome task that often resulted in computer failure. Our design and engineering experts overcame these challenges to provide a complete and reliable solution.

Joe Phelps, Senior Sales & Marketing Manager, Captec Americas


A manufacturer of work-class remotely operated vehicles (ROV’s) and manipulator arms, with a core philosophy of continuous improvement both in reliability and cost-efficiency. Its customers benefit from equipment optimized for operational performance and ease of maintenance, which increases revenue and decreases support costs. Due to mobile deployment in harsh conditions, robust, high-performance and compact computers play an integral part in improving the reliability and functionality of the customer’s ROV subsea control application.

  • 2U System
  • Windows
  • Intel Core i
  • The Challenges:

    • Design and supply of a protected, compact industrial computing platform with the capacity to house the required more reliably than a commercial alternative.
    • Protect internal components from heavy shock and vibration caused by frequent transportation to application sites.
    • High-end imaging support for maximum performance.
    • Improve accessibility and airflow while reducing cabling.
    • Meet custom I/O requirements to support optimized computing performance.

    The Solution

    • Design of a custom, ruggedized 2U industrial computer manufactured and engineered to house all the customer’s technology requirements.
    • Heavy-duty, cold rolled steel chassis provides a robust foundation of protection to internal components.
    • Specification of non-moving parts, supported by custom-designed brackets, protects all internal components from shock and vibration damage.
    • A high-end Geforce graphics card delivers the image quality required to run the customer’s application.
    • PSU engineering modifications remove excess cabling and improve ease of access.
    • Custom I/O requirements met and integrated, including HD audio kit for an improved operator experience.

    The Outcome

    • Confidence in a specialist supplier capable of delivering reliable platforms that consistently outperform and outlast commercial alternatives.
    • A custom computing platform capable of maximum performance in the presence of extreme shock and vibration.
    • Custom testing including GPU analysis to ensure maximum performance and reliablity in the field.

    Make it Your Own

    Our engineering experts can customise this platform to meet the exact needs of your application. Please share a few details with us and we'll be in touch.