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Commercial Pilot Training Computers - Fixed Wing Flight Simulators

Having worked with the customer for a number of years we have built an understanding of their needs, allowing us to support changes responsively, quickly and with minimal disruption to the ongoing program. The product is reliable, robust and fully compliant as a fully integrated, tested and application ready solution.

Captec Product Manager


Our customer is a leading provider of real-time fixed wing flight simulators to commercial airlines. They deliver a crucial step in training and re-training pilots, by recreating routine or challenging scenarios in a highly realistic replica cockpit. The environment created gives a space to hone crucial skills, without taking highly valuable assets out of service to do so. They work with airlines to provide an increasingly flexible, scalable and cost-effective solution to flight training, ultimately delivering competent, skilled and safety conscious flight staff for a highly competitive and regulated industry.

The Challenges:

  • A means of integrating a range of off-board elements for a level D simulator into one system
  • Controlled costs through an efficient design and diversified component portfolio
  • A professional and managed relationship with competitors and industry suppliers, some of whom had tendered for the project.
  • Quickly available with minimised build times

The Solution

  • Integrated Micro TCA, Compact PCI with COTS Computers, Instructor Operation Systems and a central processing unit
  • Installed hardware from commercial manufacturers and competitors to provide the best possible platform for the customer
  • Developed a reliable system that has minimal downtime and low total cost of ownership
  • Co-developed the solution, working closely with the customer’s engineers to meet the requirements of the project
  • Brought together and built a managed supplier ecosystem with contacts who Captec had previously competed against for the project
  • Managed and tested thermal, acoustic and airflow optimisation for better reliability
  • Delivered fully integrated 38U rack solution prepared and ready for use, with full documentation
  • Units are part-built, ready for specification to the required program, ensuring a quick lead time on orders

The Outcome

  • Integrated many similar computer cabinets to date, as well as dissimilar ones without any interruption to workflow
  • Consistent level of quality through the use of dedicated build cells and specialist technicians
  • Assisted our customer in outsourcing a complex process, allowing them to focus on delivering a superior product
  • Quality of service, quality of product and professionalism have been rated as ‘excellent’ by the customer


Make it Your Own

Our engineering experts can customise this platform to meet the exact needs of your application. Please share a few details with us and we'll be in touch.