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Naval Operations Data Terminal

Our technical knowledge and expertise enabled us to provide the optimum solution for this requirement. Without the need for formal marine certification, we were able to offer a product which configured to meet the exact operational and environmental needs of the project.

The solution is for an internationally leading and experienced provider of electronics and computing technologies who have supplied naval technologies over 100 years, they also operate across a spectrum of disciplines from aerospace to defence systems. Motivated by the challenge of providing superior state-of-the-art equipment, the supplier seeks to arm its customers with the necessary capabilities to act quickly and with conviction so that missions are completed efficiently and securely. High powered and reliably functioning messaging terminals are crucial in the provision of this aim

The Challenges:

  • A computer to function as a naval data terminal for the efficient and reliable transmission of onboard communications to external destinations.
  • Robust to withstand the environmental tests imposed by a naval application.
  • Short timescale to physically extract stored data. A Reduce the footprint and thermal profile from the legacy solution.
  • Ability to be fully functional in instances where ship air conditioning supply is turned off.
  • Cost effective off-the-shelf solution with long-term availability.

The Solution

  • An all-in-one panel PC suitable for naval console integration.
  • Dust filter and IP65 front filter to withstand unclean naval environments.
  • Larger screen size of 19” with removable hard drive for simple and fast data extraction.
  • Extended environmental specification and reduced footprint through power conservation ability.
  • Wide temperature range negating the risk of failure caused by overheating.
  • Solution specified for optimal availability and longevity using cost effective components.

The Outcome

  • Initial deployment of 20 systems in naval ships performing a range of operations.
  • Customised components afford extensive availability and long life reliability.
  • Order delivered fully functional and on time to ensure project roll out commenced as planned.
  • Successful integration into a system capable of dependable naval communications.

Make it Your Own

Our engineering experts can customise this platform to meet the exact needs of your application. Please share a few details with us and we'll be in touch.