Rack Integration Full Flight Simulators

Our reputation as specialist integrators that can holistically manage highly complex integration projects, to be scaled to varying levels of demand, was crucial to securing involvement in this project.

Peter Drake, Business Development Director, Captec


A global defence and aerospace contractor, designing and supplying innovative solutions to governments and corporations worldwide. The customer develops high performance full flight simulators for commercial pilot training, an area which is currently experiencing a rapid increase in demand. Highly complex, maximum reliability and expertly integrated rack solutions are integral to performance and quality of the customer’s full flight training simulators.

The Challenges:

  • Customer required the sourcing and integration of complex computing equipment into a full height rack enclosure
  • The solution needed to be easily configurable to support the simulation of a number of different aircrafts
  • Temperature and humidity had to be able to be monitored and managed to mitigate the risk of failure
  • The rack enclosure and its components needed to be optimised for ease of access, servicing and maintenance
  • Managed start up capabilities were essential for safety and reliably
  • The customer required a solution that is engineered for dependable, continual and safe operation

The Solution

  • Expert sourcing and integration of all components, including two Dell servers, EPU and two PDUs, into a full height rack
  • The solution acts as a base unit, with space and capacity to be expanded dependent on the type of aircraft being trained on
  • Environmental management unit integrated at the base of the rack enables temperatures and humidity to be monitored and managed to avoid failure
  • Expert cable management ensures all cables are laid out neatly and labelled clearly, to improve accessibility and expedite maintenance
  • Two PDUs for managed start up allows networking to be turned on first for reliability and safety
  • Captec conducted functionality, electrical, and earth bonding testing to certify safe operation

The Outcome

  • Customer benefits from an expert supplier with the capacity and ability to scale the solution as industry demand intensifies
  • The rack solution has the flexibility to be configured, either by Captec or the customer, to suit a range of aircraft simulation applications including Boeing 737 and Airbus A320
  • Overall solution optimised for reliability and tested for safety, protecting the equipment and its operatives

Make it Your Own

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