Healthcare Technology Conference

Captec to Showcase Tablet Capabilities at the Healthcare Technology Conference

We will be showcasing our healthcare tablet computing capabilities at the upcoming Healthcare Technology Conference, AJ Bell Stadium, Manchester. The Conference focuses on transforming services through digitalisation and the latest innovations in healthcare.

On display, we will have our popular 8 and 10-inch tablets, as well as a range of concepts dedicated to the healthcare industry.

The healthcare tablet range provides an efficient means of data capture, increasing productivity and operating efficiency by removing the need for paper trails and reducing the likelihood of transcription errors.

They are extremely cost-effective in contrast to highly specialised medical units, yet still comparable to consumer equivalents.

Featuring an ergonomic design for workflow automation, the tablets free up hospital staff from administration tasks and allow them to focus more time on delivering exceptional patient care.

With an integrated handle for ease of carrying, the risk of drops is substantially reduced. An incorporated kickstand instantly transforms the tablet into an ergonomic, desktop mobile workstation.

Incorporating dual battery banks, our tablets operate up to 14 hours between charges depending on model, and can be efficiently charged in cable-less, multi-bay stations. They can integrate seamlessly into existing hospital IT infrastructure.


The Conference will allow us to test additional concepts, based on the tablet infrastructure, such as micro-kiosks and smart sanitisers.

The smart kiosks can be used to automate and simplify patient check-ins and represent a highly cost-effective way of streamlining patient flow.

The smart sanitisers can incorporate badge scanners, ID trackers and facial recognition AI technologies, and will work to measure, monitor and encourage hand washing to limit the spread of infection.

We can also integrate micro-kiosks and smart sanitisers into one solution for enhanced cost-effectiveness, automation and workflow.

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