Rail Computers

EN 50121-4:2006 certified rail computers

Our rail computers are designed for complete reliability and high availability in mission critical rail applications. Certified to EN 50121-4:2006 with trackside approval to three metres, these computers are ideal for a scope of rail applications, from surface to underground installations.

The rail computers are specified with industrial components and have been rigorously tested to secure maximum uptime. The design is customisable to meet exact application requirements, while an extended operating temperature range delivers enhance reliability in the field.

Watch the video for a rundown of all the features and benefits of our certified rail computers. If you need any more information, hit the button below to talk to one of our rail experts.

Captec rail-certified computers

EN 50121-4: 2006 certified computers with three metre trackside approval, manufactured under IS0 9001 for optimised quality.

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Optimised for mission critical applications

Redundant power supplies, RAID support and hot swappable drive bays deliver high availability when you need it most.

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Unprecedented power and performance with Intel 7th generation processors

Your choice of Celeron, i3, i5 and i7 processors backed by an extended 15 year roadmap. Intel Active Management Technology provides round-the-clock remote accessibility, wherever you are.

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Customise your design

With options including custom branding, chassis alterations, I/O customisations and an O/S of your choice preconfigured.

RCC-415 1U Rail-certified Computer

RCC-415 1U Rail-certified Computer

RCC-425 2U Rail-certified Computer

RCC-425 2U Rail-certified Computer

RCE-200/201 Rail-certified Embedded Fanless Computer


RCE-210/211/212 Rail-certified Embedded Fanless Computer


VRC-210/211/212 Vehicle and Rail-certified Fanless Computer

Rail-certified Fanless Computer

VRC-213/214 Vehicle and Rail-certified Fanless Computer

Rail-certified Fanless Computer