Launching Our New Industrial Computer Range

Captec’s Updated Industrial Computers Highlight Cost of Ownership Advantages

Standard commercial computers are becoming less compelling for industrial use due to their inherently short life span. However, companies are facing mounting pressure to keep pace with advanced technologies while at the same time increase longevity and energy efficiency.

Captec have taken full advantage of available technologies by refreshing its entire range of industrial computers. Businesses are now offered industrial dependability and robustness in addition to experiencing increased processing throughput and image performance, as well as I/O configurability. This is all achieved in conjunction with substantial reductions in power use and noise levels.

The reduction in energy consumption is made possible through the increased efficiency of the latest Intel Core i processors, giving much increased processing power for less power input. In addition, solid state storage drives, high efficiency power supplies and speed controlled fans that only run when needed further reduce overall consumption.

In the industrial computing sector, extended operational life and high system availability is crucial. Captec’s products use components from embedded lines, ensuring an availability of five to seven years in contrast to the typical 18 months offered by commercial products. This ensures both continuity and stability, reducing the total cost of ownership.

High reliability and low failure rates minimise downtime and the consequential costs of computer failure which can be disruptive and highly expensive.

Captec designs for versatility, evidenced by its computers trusted to keep diverse applications running across a wide range of sectors, including medical, transport, energy, manufacturing and defence. For image intensive applications such as simulation or machine vision and X-ray inspection in high speed production lines, the high resolution multi-screen graphics capabilities of the new range offer significantly improved throughput and performance.

Each of the short depth, rackmountable computers is configurable according to individual customers’ requirements, including storage, additional cards for expanded I/O or specialist interfaces and graphics processing.

The update to the range remains in keeping with Captec’s philosophy of providing reliable, high performance computers with high availability rates in a cost effective business model, delivering computer platforms that will continually outperform the application of commercially available equipment.

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