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Our build control and manufacturing quality procedures ensured that consistency, reliability and availability were maximised. This reduced our customer’s total cost of ownership substantially.

Key Account Manager, Captec


A leading supplier of innovative test and measurement solutions. The customer’s range of products measure and regulate the properties of mass-produced tobacco goods including quality, length and weight to ensure complete consistency and protect brand identity. The customer required the redevelopment and modernisation of an existing computer platform, while also streamlining production timeframes.

  • Expansion Slots
  • The Challenges:

    • A bespoke industrial computer platform to improve upon a previous model while adhering to new height and depth restrictions
    • Platforms need protection from the types of dust ingress prominent in tobacco factories which could contaminate the system
    • Internal cabling should be minimised while additional protection needs to be provided against disconnections
    • Platforms must be within the acceptable emissions parameters to comply with CE EMC regulations
    • Ability to support high data throughput generated from the continual processing products under inspection
    • Future-proofing of O/S build to ensure operatives are familiar with the interface, even when hardware is upgraded

    The Solution

    • Using bespoke metalwork, Captec designed and manufactured a compact shoebox PC
    • Integrated fan filters and gaskets protect against heavy dust ingress
    • Development and implementation of bespoke internal wiring minimises cabling and provides additional protection from disconnections
    • In-house testing conducted to ascertain the ability to meet CE EMC regulations for cost-effectiveness, efficiency and certainty
    • Integration of a dual LAN card splits network traffic, increases performance and offers redundancy in the event of failure
    • O/S clone imaging guarantees consistency for future builds

    The Outcome

    • Supply chain consolidation delivers higher quality, reliability and availability
    • Reduction of lead-times provides platforms with a faster route to market
    • Through-life costs significantly reduced, amounting to substantial cost savings
    • Platform protected for reliable operation in unclean environments with 100 emulation test cycles prior to dispatch, confirming application suitability

    Make it Your Own

    Our engineering experts can customise this platform to meet the exact needs of your application. Please share a few details with us and we'll be in touch.