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Patient Treatment Computers - Maintaining Reliability, Longevity and Availability

Our ability to provide reliable computer platforms supporting complex functionalities into a medical application enables us to meet the operational requirements of the customer’s brief.

Product Manager, Captec


This computer platform is for a pioneering human care company, who are developing significant innovations in the treatment of cancer and brain disorders. The customer aims to improve, prolong and save patient lives. This solution was developed to enhance the efficient digital control of crucial patient treatment by integrating several functionalities into one platform.

The Challenges:

  • Compliance and certification to key medical standards and operational up to 3,000 metres
  • Platforms must eliminate dose metric errors due to communication delays
  • Computers must be depended upon to reliably reproduce the shape of radiotherapy beams designated by the clinician
  • Radiation dosages must be administered and recorded accurately
  • Images, documents and information must be easily accessed by multiple stakeholders
  • Computers are designed to meet specific application and user requirements

The Solution

  • Designed and developed to fully satisfy regulatory and altitude requirements
  • Multiple technologies and functionalities expertly integrated into one solution, optimising control and reducing errors due to communications delays
  • Machine vision interface and real time environment provides operational feedback, progress and efficient digital control
  • Computers attributed with a metering system for the precise recording of patient radiation doses
  • Total connectivity to hospital networks enables images to be distributed to multiple stakeholders across secure networks
  • Designed to ensure aesthetical demands of the medical industry

The Outcome

  • Designed and manufactured to a custom system to fully meet the needs of the application
  • Platforms achieve a long operational life and minimise the need for hardware replacements, change control and COTS component selection
  • Successful implementation creates customer confidence stimulating multiple repeat orders
  • Through real time operation and control, Captec’s computers help practitioners to optimise the quality, accuracy and control of the patient treatment process

Make it Your Own

Our engineering experts can customise this platform to meet the exact needs of your application. Please share a few details with us and we'll be in touch.