Machine Vision Integration - Industrial Computer Suite

“By understanding the unique requirements of our customer’s machine vision applications, we were able to design and supply a range of platforms that meet and exceed deployment needs and can be developed and supplied with fast turnaround.”

Joe Phelps, Senior Sales and Marketing Manager, Captec

A supplier of innovative automation solutions that enable manufacturers to control quality, efficiency and productive through advancements in vision, robotics, software and controls. Owing to the customer’s success and prominence in machine vision
applications, a suite of industrial computers with different levels of performance, expansion and
connectivity were required to meet the requirements of a range of automated machine vision deployments.

  • Windows
  • Intel Core i
  • Dust Filtering
  • Fanless
  • The Challenges:

    • The customer requires a suite of industrial computers with varying levels of functionality at different price points for instant deployment into a range of machine vision applications
    • Each computer in the suite must be capable of operating reliably in challenging factory environments
    • High power processing performance integral to the dependable performance of the customer’s range of machine vision applications
    • High-end graphics performance across all three computers is essential to optimising the quality of items under inspection
    • Familiarity of interface required to simplify usage for the operative a range of mounting options are needed for each computer to suit different application needs

    The Solution

    • Captec designed, developed and delivered a range of three embedded computers that can be ordered off-the-shelf for use in a number of machine vision deployments
    • Units are equipped with a fanless, shockproof rugged design with certification to IEC 60068 for shock and vibration, as well as EN 50155 and EN 50121 for EMC emissions
    • The specification of Intel 7th generation processors across all three variants delivers optimised machine vision power and
    • Each computer supports a different NVIDIA graphics card, providing high-end graphics performance for vision inspection needs
    • All computers in the suite are configured with Windows 10 O/S, delivering a familiar look and feel across all platforms
    • Mounting options include DIN rail kits with VESA mounts and wallmount kits for versatility in orientation

    The Outcome

    • The customer has access to a portfolio of systems for machine vision integration
    • The units can be ordered as off-the-shelf platforms with predefined specifications ensuring rapid turnaround
    • The customer has assurance that whatever computer they select from the suite, it is equipped to perform reliably in harsh conditions
    • The platforms are highly cost-effective when compared to alternative machine vision units

    Make it Your Own

    Our engineering experts can customise this platform to meet the exact needs of your application. Please share a few details with us and we'll be in touch.