Electronic Bingo Terminals - Mecca

Mecca Bingo has been delighted to work with Captec in the design and development of the X231 as part of our continued investment in our retail business.

Mecca Bingo is a leading company in the bingo industry, operating over 80 clubs nationwide. Its clubs host traditional and electronic bingo, including slot-based games. In recent years, there has been an upturn in the popularity of electronicbased gaming, as customers are increasingly moving away from traditional paper bingo. Electronic bingo enables customers to access a greater amount of games that are simple to play concurrently, while also gaining additional functionalities such as food and beverage ordering.

The Challenges:

  • Refresh the estate of 5,750 Electronic Bingo Terminals (EBTs) while leveraging advances in technology and retaining full functionality of previous EBTs
  • Maximise uptime of EBTs to avoid the need for recharging during play and generate optimised revenue
  • Engineer an ergonomic platform aimed at improving the bingo experience for gamers
  • Minimise clutter from cable-based charging and reduce repair costs
  • Simultaneous, secure and safe charging of large EBT estates, while creating the option of customer self service to minimise staff dependency
  • Significantly reduce downtime caused by system failure and resultant repair timeframes

The Solution

  • Captec refreshed the estate with next generation EBTs, retaining functionality while increasing performance with an Intel Cherry Trail CPU and Windows 10 operating system
  • Selection of polymer-lithium and extended batteries achieves uninterrupted, all-day gameplay
  • Integrated handle and stand provides ease of transportation, flexible positioning and comfort of play
  • Captec’s TCS charging stations offer cable-less, contact-based charging, reducing the servicing overhead of cable repairs
  • 16 and 48 bay models allow large EBT estates to be charged concurrently and continuously, creating the option of self-service and freeing up venue staff
  • Bespoke service-level agreement ensures faulty tablets are repaired and returned within three days

The Outcome

  • A high performance EBT, supporting a range of games, applications and food and beverage orders, contributes to improved customer happiness and increased revenue
  • The cable-less charging solution reduces servicing costs, increases platform uptime and frees venue staff to focus on core business objectives
  • Trust in a specialist supplier that can significantly reduce turnaround times of repair to maximise the number of platforms in operation

Make it Your Own

Our engineering experts can customise this platform to meet the exact needs of your application. Please share a few details with us and we'll be in touch.