Reliable Solutions And Services For The Medical Industry

Providing Reliable Solutions and Services to the Medical Industry

The 2015 Medica Trade Fair in November gave us the opportunity to highlight our extensive computer platform building capabilities and services applicable for complex medical applications.

The intricate computer hardware needs of the medical industry are reflected in our core business values. We are trusted to provide the reliable and certified platforms that OEMs require to develop innovative, effective and dependable medical solutions.

Our capabilities empower the medical industry with hardware that can fully satisfy application needs, operate reliably and therefore optimise longevity. We can deliver this using our expertise in design to order systems, rack integration, compliance certification, life cycle management, obsolescence control and technical service support. As experts in these fields we can deliver computers that are currently trusted to assist in the performance of patient imaging, treatment, planning and monitoring applications for major healthcare OEM manufacturers.

These capabilities are transferable to a range of industries requiring high performance, reliable platforms with consistent availability. We are trusted to provide the computing hardware that supports and keeps critical applications running across the oil, gas, rail, defence and marine sectors.

Key Benefits

Mobile platform tablet integration

We specialise in the integration of mobile technology into numerous complex applications, including in-vehicle or trolley based, dependent on the customer’s specific requirements.

Complex platform integration

Our computing platforms are embedded within a wide diversity of applications, from tablets on mobile trolleys, to highly regulated systems for medical treatment equipment.

Compliance certification

With a proven track record of supplying computers to the medical, and other certified sectors, we have in-depth experience in ensuring products are fully compliant, or to industry standards.

Lifecycle management service

To ensure longevity, high availability and minimal disruption from change, we offer a comprehensive range of services, including carefully managed obsolescence and technology refreshes.

Configure design to order

With extensive in-house specialist technical capabilities, we can design or configure computers to order, tailored to meet the customer’s application specific requirements.

Technical support services

Keeping computers running 24/7 in medical applications can be a challenge for any organisation. We offer service packages that can be tailored to suit a customer’s deployment.

Rack integration holistically managed

At our industry leading rack integration facilities, we manage projects holistically, from outline design through to installation and logistics; we alleviate businesses of a time consuming and complex task.

Our capabilities already benefit a range of medical applications, to find out more click here.

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