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Integration-ready Rack Platform for Simulation Applications

Our rack integration capabilities and reputation meant our customer had confidence we could take this project which was previously undertaken in-house, implement their needs and deliver them a platform optimised for reliability, flexibility and performance.

Key Account Manager, Captec


A leading provider of innovative training simulators across multiple industries including energy, transport and infrastructure in over 40 countries. High performance, reliable and protected rack platforms are essential to maximising the effectiveness of the customer’s range of simulators. In this project, the customer’s production facilities were at full capacity, and they needed to outsource the build to a trusted third party provider.

The Challenges:

  • Outsourcing of rack design and development to free up valuable in-house resources and production space
  • The customer needed the ability to control different computers in the rack using only a singular screen as opposed to multiple
  • It was essential that the rack can be started up in sequence rather than at the same time, to manage high power caused by a multitude of devices
  • The customer’s own equipment had to be integrated quickly and simply into the rack once delivered
  • The rack needed to be protected from the threat of overloaded circuits and burnout
  • The rack had to be able to support a significant amount of weight from the equipment, while at the same time be simple to manoeuvre in place

The Solution

  • Integration-ready 45U rack platform that meets the customer’s exact specification and allows them to refocus resources where they add most value
  • Specification of a retractable KVM allows the end-user to control individual platforms in the rack for setup and monitoring
  • Two custom sequential starters ensure each device is turned on at five second intervals, managing high power inrush and protecting against tripped circuits
  • A custom patch panel ensures the customer can connect external devices without the need for additional wiring
  • Integration of an additional custom PDU with a display showing power usage helps the customer to protect against failure
  • Heavy-duty casters withstand significant weight housed within the enclosure and increase ease of transportation

The Outcome

  • Racks arrive at the customer ready for system integration, increasing uptime and productivity
  • The customer benefits from a rack that provides everything they need for simulation applications in one place, from one supplier
  • As with all Captec racks, the platform was rigorously tested for electrical safety prior to delivery

Make it Your Own

Our engineering experts can customise this platform to meet the exact needs of your application. Please share a few details with us and we'll be in touch.