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By gaining a full understanding of application requirements and carefully implementing effective technical solutions, our customer now benefits from a more compact and cost-effective simulation platform that retains full functionality while optimising longevity and continuity.

Key Account Manager, Captec


A leading manufacturer of simulation-based solutions, committed to helping its clients design advanced equipment and prepare for skilled operations. The customer’s training simulator line is positioned as the leading product for simulation training within the construction industry. Custom compact computing platforms equipped with enhanced graphics capabilities are essential to guaranteeing the performance, quality and reliability of the customer’s simulators.

  • Intel Core i
  • Expansion Slots
  • The Challenges:

    • The customer required a scaled-down, more compact and economical version of an existing rackmount computer while still retaining full functionality and performance
    • Increased processing power needed to deal with demanding simulation applications
    • High-end graphics capabilities essential to enhance the quality and speed of simulation image generation
    • Increased heat from powerful components operating within a compact form factor must be maintained and managed to secure reliability
    • The customer needed the ability to turn the computer on and off remotely

    The Solution

    • Design and development of a custom mini-ITX PC using industrial-grade hardware, top-end components and off-the-shelf casing for cost-effectiveness
    • Specification of powerful Intel i7-600 processors delivers maximum power and performance
    • Integration of two expansion slots to accommodate powerful Zotac GTX1070 graphics cards, meeting exact image performance requirements
    • Excess heat generated by graphics cards managed through expert airflow engineering, safeguarding the platform against overheating
    • Integration of a custom switch enables the platform to be reset from another location on the simulator

    The Outcome

    • Component selection optimises the reliability of the platform while reducing costs, enabling the customer to retain a technical and cost advantage over its competitors
    • Chassis controlled by Captec, with an availability of over ten years, removes the need to continuously change and upgrade commercial alternatives
    • Long-term availability of components secures the continuity of the platform and the application

    Make it Your Own

    Our engineering experts can customise this platform to meet the exact needs of your application. Please share a few details with us and we'll be in touch.