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Specialist Computing Platforms

We offer specialist off-the-shelf, customised or bespoke computing platforms to meet your exact requirements.

Our highly experienced technical architects and design engineers will review your specific requirements and offer options of standard, modified or custom engineered platforms depending on your application needs, operating environment, budget and timescales.  Through our extensive supply chain, partner ecosystem and industry knowledge we can source or configure any computing platform if you cannot find exactly what you are looking for in our existing portfolios.

We architect, configure and engineer for optimised reliability, longevity and compliance as required, and provide comprehensive through-life support.

To select or tailor a platform for your application, please select an option below:

Customised Platforms

Where an off-the-shelf platform does not meet your exact requirements, we can further customise, configure and engineer platforms using commercially available technology from our extensive and carefully selected international supply chain.


Bespoke Platforms

For bespoke, highly specialised computing requirements, we develop and supply completely custom platforms, tailored to meet your exact technical, operating, environmental and budgetary requirements.


Browse Our Off-the-shelf Platforms and Accessories

Harnessing our extensive industry experience, we have developed a portfolio of platforms that are designed to satisfy most application requirements off-the-shelf, cost-effectively and with industry-competitive lead times.

  • Standalone Embedded Platforms

    These platforms are ideal for integration into environments where space is constrained and at a premium. A range of compact sizes and performance levels ensure there is a platform for any application. Where reliability and minimal through life costs are essential, our fanless platforms with no moving parts are ideal and also reduce the need for servicing.

    The range includes specialised platforms certified for rail, in-vehicle and marine applications.

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  • Rackmount Platforms

    Ranging from 1U to 4U form factors of varying depths, these platforms are designed for simple and effective integration into 19-inch racks. A wide choice of approved components allow for simple configuration to suit your application, while ensuring maximum reliability in the field.

    The range includes certified platforms for controlled applications such as defence, marine and rail.

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  • Panel Platforms

    Our panel platforms feature ingress protected designs to optimise performance in challenging environments. Additional configuration options support varied connectivity and customisation to suit your application.

    The range includes marine-certified systems, designed for use in shipborne applications.

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  • Industrial Displays

    These peripherals and displays have been designed to support our specialised computing platform range, providing you with a complete product.

    Options are available to match the challenging environments your computer operates in. We can also provide a range of peripherals, from basic input to application-specific devices.

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  • Specialist Platforms

    Our specialist platforms are ideal for challenging applications that cannot be performed deploying a standard product.

    As with the off-the-shelf range, these platforms feature highly reliable, industrial-grade long-life components. They can be populated with a variety of plug-in cards and functionalities to further enhance performance, ensuring the requirements of your application are fully met.

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