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Extending your capabilities and providing peace of mind

Following the acquisition of Cove Industrial Enterprises, we can now offer a full, end-to-end build to print capability in precision metalwork engineering, electro-mechanical and computing integration.

Captec and Cove combine to own every element of the process, improving your customer experience and protecting your brand reputation at every stage.

Our experts undertake assessments and make recommendations to get it right first time, every time. This new capability creates a single point of contact and a streamlined supply chain for customers looking for fully-integrated solutions.

Rack Engineering

Captec and Cove: Specialist engineering heritage

With 57 years’ of experience and a reputation for quality and dynamism, Cove represents a tried, tested and trusted brand in the precision metalwork engineering and electro-mechanical industries and is a natural fit for the Captec Group. Captec and Cove have been in business together for over a decade, combining to work on custom-integrated enclosures for mission-critical applications in the defence and healthcare industries.

Based in Farnborough with an 18,000 sq. ft. factory, Cove has a skilled team overseeing defence and aerospace projects from prototype builds to full batch production. The team specialises in bespoke precision metalwork engineering including custom enclosures and portable component housings for high heat, chemical and EMC environments. This complements our expertise in designing and manufacturing specialist computing equipment for operation in challenging environments and complex applications.

Complex process, simplified

The skill and expertise required to realise the design and coordination of all parts in the specialist metal and electro-mechanical integration process can easily be underestimated or taken for granted. We are able to engineer a complete solution tailored to your needs. With the support or two companies, we remove the headache of managing multiple suppliers and leaving you to focus your resources where they matter most.

Cove & Captec combined services:

End-to-end computing integration, Rack integration project management, Complete scalability, A single point of contact, Competitive cost model, Reduced development timescales

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Through Cove Industrial Enterprises, we are proud to now offer the following services:

Precision metal engineering:

  • Welding
  • CNC folding
  • CNC punching
  • Assembly

Electro-mechanical integration:

  • Box building
  • Custom cabling
  • Build to print
  • Electronic design
  • Automatic test equipment
  • Test boxes

Paint shop and finishing:

  • Aqueous pre-treatment
  • Phosphate coating
  • Wet and powder painting
  • Silkscreen and pad printing
  • Laser and mechanical engraving
  • Def-Stan paint specifications

To learn more about specialist precision metal manufacturing and electro-mechanical integration for your critical applications, visit the Cove website.

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