Specialist Defence Computing Platforms

Specialist Defense Computing Platforms 

As a British designer and manufacturer of specialist defense computing platforms, we know that your applications are dependent on performance, reliability and longevity.

We can take any of our partner portfolios and modify them to meet the exact requirements of defense applications. Or, for highly complex applications, we can design and engineer platforms completely from scratch.

At Captec, our defense specialists are committed to delivering complete solutions that work to reduce your cost of ownership while maximizing performance.

Military computers and servers

Our range of off-the-shelf military computers and servers are designed for mission-critical applications.

Specialist Computing Platforms for Defence - Captec
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High performance

Our platforms are specified for maximum computing power.

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Optimized longevity

Roadmapped components with through-life support.

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Ruggedized for protection

Innovative designs for hostile defense environments.

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Range of form factors

Shapes and sizes to suit your defense application.

Rack platforms

From full-height to man-portable platforms, our racks are deployable in the world’s harshest environments.

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SWaP optimization

Lighter materials, rugged designs and improved airflow.

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Designed for complete protection in the field.

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Thermal management

Performance, uptime and safety optimally balanced.

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Power distribution

Engineered protection from fluctuations and disturbances.

Rugged tablets

We source, design, customize and support tablets to meet the needs of defense applications on the move.

Specialist Computing Platforms for Defence - Captec
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Extended battery life

Excellent backup systems for increased uptime.

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Ergonomic features

Designed to be simple to carry, position and use.

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Custom vehicle docks

Customized to the needs of your vehicle and application.

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Vehicle installation

Site surveys, platform design, installation and support.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

If you are unable to find a platform that fits your application in our existing portfolio, please get in touch with our technical architects. Through our extensive supply chain, partner ecosystem and industry knowledge we can source or configure any computing platform to meet your exact requirements.