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Defence & Security

Defence & Security

We are experts at taking commercially available components and ruggedising them for usage in defence applications. This allows our customers to unlock the advantages of cost-effective computing that meets exact requirements while significantly reducing development timescales. We also optimise the long term availability of our platforms, meaning software does not have to be updated to accommodate component changes caused by obsolescence.

We have developed a range of industrial computers, military servers, mobile computer racks and rugged tablets for use in defence and security applications, both civil and military, in the world’s harshest environments. Applications we’ve supported include flight and vehicle training simulators, ground satellite equipment, rugged vehicle tablets, mobile computer racks for the military and portable computers for redeployable video broadcast.

Owing to our success in the defence and security sector, we are recognised as an established member of the supply chain. All our computers can be customised to your exact needs and for highly complex applications, our innovative design to order service ensures even the most demanding requirements are fully met.


  • C4ISR
  • Unmanned ground vehicles
  • Land and air simulation
  • Cyber security
  • Electronic warfare


Case story

Featured News - Specialist Computing Platforms Video for Defence Applications - Captec

Mobile computer racks for military communications

Our customer approached us with the requirement for highly rugged mobile computer racks for operation on warships. We knew instantly that the operating environment was going to be highly challenging, so we set our minds to the task. Taking commercially available components, we engineered the additional ruggedisation levels that enabled the mobile computer racks to operate reliably in tough marine environments…

Case story

Case story - Rack Integration Full Flight Simulators - Captec

Rack integration – Full flight simulators

This solution is for a global defence and aerospace contractor, designing and supplying innovative solutions to governments and corporations worldwide. The customer develops high performance full flight simulators for commercial pilot training, an area which is currently experiencing a rapid increase in demand. Highly complex, maximum reliability and expertly integrated rack solutions are integral to performance and quality…

Case story

Defence computer racks

Mobile computer racks for broadcast

For a leading provider of broadcast solutions for armed forces, the requirements were clear. They needed a mobile solution that was instantly deployable, able to withstand rough handling and transportation, survivable in harsh environments and offered connectivity to a number of external devices…

Our Services

  • Cost-efficient ruggedisation
  • Rack integration
  • Certification and compliance
  • Legislation and documentation managed
  • Obsolescence management.

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5 reasons to choose Captec

  1. Highly skilled and experienced professionals taking commercial computers and configuring them to perform in harsh defence environments
  2. Significantly reduced defence project development timescales
  3. Capacity and agility to respond quickly to any changes in programme scope
  4. Experts in engineering and testing to meet the regulatory standards of the defence industry
  5. Outsource your supply chain for single part number ordering with full documentation and complete traceability
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