C4ISR Defence Mobile Computer Platforms

C4ISR Mobile Computer Racks & Defence Computing Platforms

Our pre-integrated mobile computer racks and defence computing platforms are specifically designed to perform a range of applications in demanding environments.

Robust and shock proof to protect and enable the use of COTS and military equipment, while also being compact enough to ease deployment and installation. Designed to be lightweight but high strength, this enclosure can be easily transported and quickly commissioned onsite. These portable computer racks come with integrated and tested earth bonding pre-installed, and supports high resilience to shock and vibration with DEF STAN 00-35 & MIL-STD-810 compliance.

In order to facilitate multiple C4ISR applications, our mobile computer racks are engineered with enclosures that are pre-assembled and integrated with your choice of computing platform, networking, power distribution, cable storage and comms tray – allowing the end user to install communications equipment and be functional in a matter of moments.

By removing reliance on complex supply chains, multiple deliveries, packages, pallets and personnel required for collection and assembly,  we provide everything you need to get up and running as quickly as possible.

Our Defence Mobile Computer Rack Services & Capabilities:

> Ruggedisation

Taking off-the-shelf components for performance and optimised cost-effectiveness, we then engineer the ruggedisation levels that enable your C4ISR equipment to withstand all the stress factors prevalent in your application.

> Design to Order Service

Our technical architects and design engineers are well-versed in developing mobile computer racks to exact requirements. We engineer around core requirements of mechanical form factor, electronic functionality, thermal management, ingress protection, shock and vibration protection, EMC, compliance and certification.

> Build to Order Service

We will collaborate with you to develop a tailored specification using commercially available components that meet your exact demands at the lowest total cost of ownership. All components are managed as a bill of materials and built into your portable computer rack.

> Integration

From wired-for platforms through to fully integrated products shipped to your end user, we can deliver your mobile computer rack as integrated as you want or need it.

> Durable enclosures

Whether your defence application is on a ship, a submarine or on land, our portable computer rack enclosures are engineered, tested and validated to endure and perform, whatever the environment.

> Approved materials throughout

We know the defence industry is changing. We help you stay on top of increasing regulations by only using approved materials for safety and compliance – leaving you to focus on your mission-critical objectives.

> Proven protection levels

We engineer protection from ingress, shock and vibration and EMC susceptibility to equip your C4ISR solution to perform – no matter what challenges it faces.

> Compliance and certification

With customised test plans and the support of our dedicated pre-compliance labs, we engineer to ensure a first-time pass at independent test houses. And if you need it, we can manage the whole process too.

> Variable payload

If its rackmountable, that’s great – we can integrate it! If it’s not, don’t worry – just leave it to us. Our engineers innovate to ensure that all your equipment requirements are fully integrated into your C4ISR rack for full functionality, reliability and convenience.

Tuneable shock mounting frame

Taking elastomer, wire rope and x-mounts, we tune your mobile computer racks to cope with shock and vibration according to your application and payload. Even when subject to rough treatment in transit, our racks work first time, every time.

Recent Success Stories:

rugged tablet solider

Portable Computer Racks for Military Communications

Our customer approached us with the requirement for highly rugged portable computer racks for operation on warships. We knew instantly that the operating environment was going to be highly challenging, so we set our minds to the task. Taking commercially available components, we engineered the additional ruggedisation levels that enabled the mobile computer racks to operate reliably in tough marine environments with heavy shock and vibration, and independently tested it to meet the criteria laid out in DEF STAN 00 35.

Owing to the complexity of infrastructure, the customer previously had to cut large holes out ships in order to navigate tight access routes and install the racks – this presented another challenge. We designed the racks with a modular constriction so they can be easily taken apart and put back together – removing the costly and time consuming need to modify internal ship infrastructure.

The customer also stipulated a strict front access only requirement for ease of use and maintenance. So we engineered bespoke equipment rails and ensured every component fitted on them for optimised accessibility. We also included a defence qualified PDU with an emergency stop as well as a C02 injection port to complete the solution.

Defence computer racks

Mobile Computer Racks for Broadcast

For a leading provider of broadcast solutions for armed forces, the requirements were clear. They needed a mobile solution that was instantly deployable, able to withstand rough handling and transportation, survivable in harsh environments and offered connectivity to a number of external devices.

We took the brief on and began with the specification of an 8U ruggedised flight case with shock absorbing mounts to house all the necessary technology. The case was then modified to incorporate case mounted cooling fans and exhaust grills, ensuring the rack is fully functional without the need to remove front or rear lids. All internal devices were connected together using a single power source, while an integrated patch panel allows the end-user to plug in equipment externally. The result was a solution that can be deployed with ease, minutes from arriving onsite.


Mobile Racks for Simulation Applications

Our customer needed high tech, easily redeployable mobile computing to run simulation applications across the globe. We had to counteract the rigours of frequent transportation, so we developed a mobile flight case with a shock mounted frame and IP 65 rated protection.

To meet all the customer’s functionality requirements, we integrated commercially available servers, a network switch and a locking PDU, and ruggedised them for use in military environments. For ease of usage, we also integrated a custom patch panel for simple interconnection between peripheral devices.

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Portable Computer Racks for Video Distribution

We were challenged with consolidating a system of commercial off-the-shelf hardware in to a portable AV distribution platform capable of global transportation without additional packaging, while still remaining suitable for deployment into the C4ISR military arena.  Weight and performance were primary concerns, so we designed a bespoke mounting assembly and subassembly enclosure to deliver protection to the internal devices and ensure reliable cabling, cooling and operation. The casing was then mounted into a shock-protected frame, with the mounts tuned specifically to deliver protection to the rack’s payload while in transit.

In addition to the mechanical challenges, there was an also an extremely short timeline to contend with. The solution was designed, prototyped, produced, validated and in the customer’s hands a matter of weeks from the first discussions. This mobile rack is proof that speed, excellence in design, fast prototyping and expedited fabrication are not mutually exclusive and can be combined into a winning customer solution.

About Captec

We are a designer and supplier of specialist computing platforms, engineered to meet the exact requirements of any application – irrespective of complexity or environmental demands.

With over 30 years’ experience in supplying computer systems to precise specifications across industries, we’ve designed and integrated mobile computer racks of all shapes and sizes for deployment in the world’s harshest environments.

As an established member of the defence supply chain, our portable defence racks are relied upon by the defence industry to perform mission-critical defence applications including military satellite navigation, redeployable data access and portable video transcription.

At Captec, we are experts at taking commercially available components and equipping them to perform in military environments for years to come. All our C4ISR platforms are designed for ultimate flexibility, future-proofing and through-life evolution – meaning they will be well equipped to accommodate any advances or changes in your portable computer rack requirements.

Our rigorous documentation process achieves full component traceability down to the last nuts and bolts, allowing us to track each and every component in your bill of materials. Headquartered in Fareham, UK, we have the expertise, capacity and agility to respond instantly to any changes in programme scope – allowing your solution to evolve with your project and application requirements.

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