In-vehicle Platform Services

Solutions tailored to your exact needs

In-vehicle Installation Services

Our engineering and installation teams combine a wealth of experience in designing and customising computers, tablets, laptops, notebooks and accessories for installation into a wide diversity of service vehicles and fleets.

We help you overcome challenges including complex deployments, strict deadlines and demanding installations to optimise for performance and efficiency.

We integrate specialist computing platforms into vehicles using four easy steps:

1. The Right Computing Platform

  • We select the right computer, tablet, laptop or notebook for your application from a range of key manufacturers, rather than from a single source.
  • We specify based on operating environment, user needs and software performance requirements.

2. The Right Mount

  • We work with manufacturers to develop device-specific docking stations, providing charging and reliable connectivity to fixed I/O, as well as improved mobile data and GPS antennas.
  • For specialist integration requirements, we also design completely bespoke docks, exactly suited to the installation environment.

3. The Right Fit

  • Every vehicle has its own unique fitting requirements to accommodate an aftermarket platform installation. We offer surveys to assess mechanical and electrical requirements of the targeted installation vehicle.
  • We design custom adaptors, to enable standard VESA mounting brackets to fit any vehicle.
  • We offer custom-made cable harnesses designed to install directly into your vehicle’s power source.

4. Installation

  • Our team of installation engineers will arrange to install platforms on-site, saving you time and inconvenience.
  • We supply the whole solution (platform, dock, adaptors, cable harnesses) fitted, tested and ready for use.
  • Software can be pre-installed from a golden image so platforms are ready to go as soon as they are installed.

Need to Fit this into a Vehicle?

Let our expert install teams take care of every aspect of your vehicle installation to optimise your performance and productivity in the field.