Support and Servicing Capabilities

Ten reasons why you should choose Captec

Total Servicing Support

Our specialist computing platforms are engineered for optimal reliability, longevity and performance, providing you with all the dependability you need from a computer. However, when leveraging the significant cost advantages of high volume computing components for use in demanding environments, unexpected issues can arise.

We have well established resources and processes in place to ensure that if things do go wrong, we service your equipment effectively and in a timely manner. Our objective is to maximise the life and availability of your equipment.

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Why Should You Choose Captec

Find out the top support and servicing reasons why Captec are the specialist computing partner of choice for so many.

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International Service Centres with Rapid Turnaround

With service centres in the UK and Canada, you are never far from our assistance. We aim to provide a rapid service to minimise lost productivity and revenue through downtime, and can ship newly repaired platforms to any part of the world.

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Professional, Experienced and Dedicated Support Team

We continuously invest in the training and development of our support team. Our technicians are driven by providing effective and lasting resolutions to any technical issues you may experience.

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Obsolescence and Change Control Management

Obsolescence and change are major disruptive risks, particularly for certified platforms. We mitigate these risks and ensure continuity of supply for agreed system configurations, protecting you from impending component obsolescence issues. This will extend the operational life of your application and deliver maximum through-life cost savings.

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Customisable Service Level Agreements

Our service level agreements can be customised to ensure your needs are met, delivering the highest levels of availability and productivity from your platforms. We collaborate with you to determine pre-agreed turnaround times, allowing you to budget for any downtime with complete certainty.

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After-sales Support and Extended Warranties

Our dedicated service team offers a portfolio of services to maximise and extend the life of the computer platforms we supply. These include extended warranty packages, servicing, repairs, training and spares provisioning.

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First Line Telephone Support for Fast Diagnosis

We offer first line telephone support to all our customers. Our dedicated team are available to help diagnose, and in many cases offer resolutions, to technical issues. Our platforms are supplied with clear technical documentation, often enabling you to fix minor faults with ease.

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Online Returns Merchandise Authorisation Service for Expedience

For expedience, we operate an online RMA (Returns Merchandise Authorisation) service under our ISO 9001 quality management system. This enables you to log and track your repairs online and exchange any additional information with our service team as required.

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Buffer Stock and Floating Spares

Where required, we are able to offer our customers buffer stockholding and floating spares at our service centres, protecting you from unexpected shortages. This service creates a seamless transition, removing downtime altogether.

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Preventative Maintenance Programmes

Our preventative maintenance programmes are in place to ensure your equipment performs reliably for the maximum duration possible. From an automatic filter replacement service, through to cleaning, servicing and health checking, these optimise performance and reduce the risk of future issues occurring.

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In-vehicle Installation Capabilities

Our experienced and professional installation technicians work with you to turn computing platforms into workable in-vehicle solutions. This service extends to onsite installation, repairs and maintenance wherever required. Our platforms are provided with custom user training guides to ensure uptime is maximised.

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Effective, Efficient and Lasting Repairs

Our dedicated servicing teams are committed to repairing your equipment effectively and with rapid turnaround. We are driven by the goal of maximising the life, reliability and availability of your specialist computing platforms.

Trust Captec to Deliver

We’ve been in business since 1985, during which time we have built up an established track record as a Tried, Tested and Trusted designer and manufacturer of specialist computing platforms. Get in touch to learn how we can assist with your application.